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RYAN Playground -

The first thing you need to know about RYAN Playground is that she’s a Pisces.

She would probably insist that her love for alpacas is more important, but I beg to differ.

The astrological sign has a tendency to be calm and laid back, something that the Canadian artist gives off immediately upon interacting with her.

For this interview, Ryan and I are sharing a basket of french fries at a table in the lower level of Flower Shop in the Lower East Side on a hot summer night.

Ryan has just gotten back from an expedited shopping spree at NOAH and Only NY so she’s eager to show off all of the new t-shirts and socks that she copped.

If the attraction to streetwear brands wasn’t a clear indicator, you could say that Ryan is a tomboy. However, she’s never felt comfortable being categorized with labels of any sort.

Ryan grew up in Laval, a city located in the southwestern region of Quebec, the only child of musical parents who taught her how to play instruments at a young age.

She started off singing songs with a guitar and then switched over to the electronic music scene into her adulthood.

Ryan is more than a musician though–she also broke into the modeling scene when she moved to Montreal as a teenager.

Twenty-something years after her parents gave her a musical foundation, Ryan returned the favor to her parents by asking them to play on some of the tracks that will be featured on her long-awaited debut album.

The tentatively self-titled project picks up where the 2016 Elle EP left off, but steers in a completely different direction as Ryan goes back to her organic roots.

Today, PAPER is premiering the latest single “Almost Died.” Ryan told us that the song is about “the vulnerability that comes with bonding over shared issues and the intense connections that can result.”

While you stream the tender, guitar-drive tune.

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