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Night Lovell – Jamie’s Sin Mp3 Download

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Night Lovell keeps new music coming with “Jamie’s Sin.”

After staying underground for the better part of the year, Ottawa’s Very Own Night Lovell is finally ready to dive back into music releases, as he likely gears up for a larger album release. H

e made his return at the beginning of the month when he dropped off the warbled trap banger, “RIP Trust,” saying farewell to anything/anyone trustworthy.

This morning he’s back again, with a more sombre but eerie offering titled “Jamie’s Sin.” If you missed “RIP Trust” you can check it out here.

“Jamie’s Sin” comes with a warning hashtag: #neverlistentojamie. The record features barely-there synth keys, constant but light closed hi-hats, handled by producer Cian P. On wax, Lovell laments over a girl named Jamie: “Jamie wasn’t Jamie when she drank up all the Jameson” he raps.

It’s the dark style we’ve come to expect from Lovell, as well as his trademark flow. The song was released alongside an official music video, which although we’re only receiving today (October 25) kicks off with the date “October 23.”

What’s the significance, if any? The visual, which you can catch below, finds Lovell in an empty field, rocking a black du-rag, baggy black jeans and a black jean jacket.

He’s solo dolo, wandering around, until the very end of the video when he pulls out a gun and points it towards his own head– that’s when things go black.

It’s relatively short record clocking in at 2:34, but should do enough to whet your appetite for more music from Night Lovell. We’ll keep you posted.

The rapper made a significant come-up within the last year or two, but as we head into the new year, aka 2k18, he may see his biggest year yet in terms of mainstream and critical acclaim. All that to say, don’t sleep.

What do you think of the latest offering?

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