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Lil Wop delivers a dark banger on “Friday The 13th.”

October is a time for horror movies and Halloween, a standout month for those who hold an appreciation for cool winds, early evenings, and generally creepy shit.

For Chicago-bred rapper Lil Wop, October is the perfect time to celebrate his love of the horror genre, especially when a notorious day like Friday the 13th creeps around.

In fact, Wop clearly appreciates the superstitious vibes and eerie folklore surrounding the so-called “unluckiest day of the year,” and wanted to channel those qualities on his brand new song “Friday The 13th.”

“Friday the 13th represents my life and love of scary movies,” says Wop. “Everyone knows how Jason causes havoc on this night, so I’m doing the same on this song and to the competition.”

To be fair, Jason certainly had some healthy competition in the cult-classic Freddy Vs. Jason, but that’s beside the point. In the track, Lil Wop makes reference to Halloween’s Micheal Myers, and delivers a raw, raspy vocal performance.

The Kenny Beats instrumental is the perfect compliment, as bass-heavy drums and off-kilter synths provide Wop with a soundtrack for his massacre.

Ultimately, Wop’s love of horror movies definitely shines through on “Friday The 13th,” especially when he delivers this threatening gem: “if we out the club and it’s gon’ be a murder scene, find you in a hole just like that little bitch from The Ring.”

Respect for making a Ring reference in 2017. It would have been nice to see Wopster go a little further with the concept, but perhaps that’s my horror-loving bias shining through.

Either way, “Friday The 13th” is at once dark, badass, and hard hitting – a nice encapsulation of what makes October so great.

Keep an eye out for Lil Wop’s upcoming album Wopaveli 3, coming courtesy of 1017 Eskimo/Alamo Records.

Quotable Lyrics

Michael Myers when I pull up on you I’m a creep
One hundred degrees a hundred round drum in my jeans
If we out the club and it’s gon’ be a murder scene,
Find you in a hole just like that lil bitch out The Ring

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