Lil Pump Ft. Gucci Mane – Youngest Flexer

Lil Pump Ft. Gucci Mane – Youngest Flexer Mp3 Download

Lil Pump scores Gucci Mane on the hard-hitting “Youngest Flexer.”

For better or worse, you already know the name. Lil Pump, the young rapper behind the infamous “ESKETTIITT” catch phrase, has finally unleashed his Lil Pump Tape upon the world.

Whether or not you deem this a welcome addition to the ever-expanding hip-hop canon, or the musical equivalent of a biblical plague, you can’t deny that Lil Pump’s moniker has been on everyone’s mind.

In truth, the exuberant Floridian is quite a fascinating specimen, and videos of his antics have already amassed tens of thousands of Youtube views. Is he a voice of the next generation, or merely a passing fad? Honestly, who the hell knows?

If you haven’t already heard his mixtape, it’s everything you might have expected from Pump, magnified by a thousand.

Brash, obnoxious turn-up production, repetitive lyrics are all in abundance, so if that’s your bag, what are you waiting for? However, if you’re a hater waiting to be converted, ask yourself this –

if Lil Pump’s so bad, why is he getting co-signs from Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, and 2 Chainz? While you ponder that eternal conundrum, you might as well throw on Lil Pump & Gucci Mane’s first ever collaboration “Youngest Flexer.”

Generations collide as Lil Pump and Guwop go in over some banging, ignorant production. Pump sets it off, keeping things basic with a sing-song flow, filling his lyrics with references to Xanax, Wingstop, and three-thousand dollar Gucci pants.

Speaking of Gucci, Guwop steals the show with a whispered cadence and some witty lyrics. “Gucci got a six pack, they can’t believe it,” raps Gucci, riding the BigHead beat with a veteran’s finesse.

It’s strange, but the two lavish spenders actually have a strange sort of chemistry, and perhaps Pump could even learn a thing or two from the East Atlanta Santa.

In the mean time, peep the entirety of The Lil Pump Tape, if you dare.

Quotable Lyrics

These haters think they can keep up, man, they can’t believe it
Gucci got a six-pack, they can’t believe it
But hey, lil bitch, here’s three stacks, let’s have a threesome
I wanna own it outright, don’t wanna lease it
He wanna be Guwop so bad that he talkin’ greasy
She wanna be with Wop so bad that she fuck the DJ

DOWNLOAD Lil Pump Ft. Gucci Mane – Youngest Flexer

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