Krept & Konan – 7 Days & 7 Nights Mixtape (Zip Download)

Krept & Konan – 7 Days & 7 Nights Mixtape (Zip Download)

Listen to Krept & Konan’s <i>7 Days</i> and<i> 7 Nights</i> projects

Two mixtapes to please both ears.

Krept & Konan are the British rap duo from London who have followed up on their promise of releasing not one, but two mixtapes – 7 Days and the other titled 7 Nights.

Both projects play on opposite feels of sound. 7 Days has more of a club-bounce, with grittier beats and a harder-edged feel that plays to the grime scene the duo are bred from, with features from J Hus, Skepta, Stormzy, Abra Cadabra. 7 Nights, on the other hand, plays more to the R&B type vibes boasting features from Jhene Aiko, Hudson East and Tory Lanez.

Before the drop of the two mixtapes, Krept & Konan explained to XXL just how the projects came together.

“We knew we wanted to create something special that served our fans who discovered us from Tsunami to Redrum to Young Kingz to The Long Way Home,” they said.

“We wanted to make music that covered the full spectrum of our sound. We knew we wanted the bangers and the jams, and we ended up with enough tracks that we could put out two mixtapes with different vibes.”

HNNH chatted with the duo back when their debut album The Long Way Home had just dropped in 2015. They said grime and garage music was what they grew up on, but there was no shortage of dancehall and reggae being played at home since they come from a Caribbean/Jamaican background.

“When we got into music, we started off doing grime, but because with our raps, we want people to be able to listen to it, and grime’s really a double-speed version of rapping.

So we were like ‘No, we really need to rap so people will know what we’re saying’— that’s what really got us into rap. But we also grew up listening to Biggie, Puffy and Ma$e, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Lil Wayne.”

Check out their new mixtapes and let us know what you think.

7 Days Tracklist

1. “Champions League”
2. “Told You”
3. “Wo Wo Wo”
4. “One My Life” Feat. Skepta
5. “Robbery (Remix)” Feat. Abra Cadabra
6. “Khalas” Feat. R.A
7. “Sauce”
8. “Cold Summer (Krept Freestyle)”
9. “Ask Flipz Feat. Stormzy
10.”Last Night In LA (Konan Freestyle)”
11.”Get A Stack” Feat. J Hus

Download 7 Days Zip Album Here

7 Nights Tracklist

1. “Don’t Lie”
2. “For Me”
3. “Ride For You Feat. Hudson East
4. “Wrongs” Feat. Jhené Aiko
5. “Save Some” Feat. Hudson East
6. “So Lit”
7. “Same Shit Feat. Tory Lanez
8. “One More Time”
10.”The One”
11. “Take Time” Feat. Hudson East

Download 7 Nights Zip Album Here

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