Da$h – Double A-Side Vol.4

Da$h – Double A-Side Vol.4 Mp3 Download

Da$H returns with two new songs, “Copacetic” and “Decisions.”

Da$h hasn’t been too active this year so when he decides to drop some new music, you know you got to take some time out of your day to hear what he’s been working on. The last project we got from him was in 2015 and he decided to drop two projects within a month of each other.

Throughout this year, he’s dropped a few loose singles here and there but most of his fans have been anticipating that he comes through with something else. Well, have no fear because today he drops off his Double A-Side Vol. 4 with two new songs both produced by RoseGold Willie.

Da$h’s latest release includes his two new tracks “Copacetic” as well as “Decisions” featuring Man-Z. The two singles vary from each other but still deliver the same heat that we expect from him. “Decisions” is the first out of the two of the project.

Along with Man-Z on the track, it’s a bass heavy track that has Da$h coming through on some rugged street tales. Man-Z comes through on the second verse of the track with nothing short of fire on it.

The second track on the record is “Copacetic.” While Da$h handles this one alone, it’s less aggressive than the previous track.

Da$h tackles some darker production on this one that has him reflective on life and where he’s reached to now. It’s definitely a set of songs that will satisfy the needs of his fans.

The two tracks are an interesting contrast to each other. While they stay within the same frame of what Da$h does, it has two different feels to it. It’s nice though, especially since we haven’t gotten a lot of music from him in a bit.

Quotable Lyrics

Thinkin’ like I need that new masaratti truck
Thinkin’ like I need a lot of bucks
Thinkin’ that talkin’ that fly shit gon’ get that thotty fucked
Thinkin’ like she fucked a lot of us

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